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Flashlights at the opening ceremony

Prior to opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics, Athens. Audience members practice their role for later, using small flashlights found in the gift box under each seat in the stadium.

Source: http://picasaweb.google.com/chris.a.cobb/Wallpaper#5344968518087790610

Photoshop / Layer Comps

"The concept of the Layer Comps is very simple, it’s just a quick way to take a “snapshot” of which layers are turned on and which layers are turned off in your document. Think “compositions”. Some Adobe Photoshop files get to be very complicated in terms of number of layers, and it can be useful and efficient to be able to jump back and forth between different “states” of your document."


"Our having done no better or worse is no evidence that chairs or planes or worlds are found rather than made."

A chair I make is likely to wobble; a book takes endless pains; I can’t make a computer at all; and no one has been able to make a plane that flies far on batteries. Making right world – versions ‑ or making worlds ‑ is harder than making chairs or planes, and failure is common, largely because all we have available is scrap material recycled from old and stubborn worlds. Our having done no better or worse is no evidence that chairs or planes or worlds are found rather than made.

Color-Aid Abridged Set, Gray

Eileen Quinlan, The Black & White Version of Smoke & Mirrors #233, 2007

Flowers (Calla Lillies)

Inkjet print, 47 × 48 cm, 2011

Flowers (Calla Lillies)

Inkjet print, 47 × 48 cm, 2011

Flowers (Calla Lillies)

Inkjet print, 47 × 48 cm, 2011

Text Assemblage

Assemblage refers to a text "built primarily and explicitly from existing texts in order to solve a writing or communication problem in a new context"

Infinity x 10

HD video, 2006


Xanadu allows transclusion, which is the existence of the same information in more than one place. Two completely different documents can share a few paragraphs, for instance, and when those paragraphs are updated on one of the documents, the new version is automatically seen on the other. Ted Nelson sees transclusion as "what quotation, copying and cross-referencing merely attempt."

In Xanadu structure, a link is a connection between things which are different, and a transclusion is a connection between things which are the same. This is explained in The Future of Information by T. Nelson, and in various articles to be found in our archive at Xanadu Australia.


Assemblages are passional, they are compositions of desire. There is no desire but assembling, assembled desire.


Wild orchid wasp mimic - David Attenborough - BBC

The Taxonomy and Classifications 

Looking at such a chart almost asks for one to identify with one of the forty types, "Which is I?"
Personhood and personality are fused. 

Obama on Decisions

“You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” he said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

from: http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/2012/10/michael-lewis-profile-barack-obama

"the furniture we are ...

"the furniture we are forever rearranging"





Saussure interprets classical poetry as an art of combination, whose developed structures are tributaries of simple elements, fundamentals which are required by the rules of the game to be both conserved and transformed. Only it happens that all language is combination, even without the intervention of an explicit intention to practice combination as art. Decipherers, whether they be cabalists or phoneticists, have a free range: a reading which is symbolic or numeric or systematically attentive to a partial aspect can always bring to light a latent depth, a hidden secret, a language within the language. And if there is no cipher? The constant attraction of the secret, of anticipated discovery, of steps astray in the labyrinth of exegesis—all these would remain.

Douglas Huebler, Variable Piece #70 (In Process), 1972

"Throughout the remainder of the artist's lifetime, he will photographically document, to the extent of his capacity, the existence of everyone alive in order to produce the most authentic and inclusive representation of the human species that may be assembled in that manner.

Editions of this work will be periodically issued in a variety of topical modes: '100,000 people', '1,000,000 people', '10,000,000 people', people personally known by the artist', 'lookalikes', 'overlaps', etc."